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Python - A Python to Freemind-Freeplane translator
Do you know the mind mapping?

This is a tool to write ideas, concepts, notes as a "natural" form.
A lot of software are available ti. You'll find them easyly on the net.

I thougt that if we can write what's happend in our head with there tolls, we can also program with. And we can avoid UML weight also.

Then I created a Python to Freemind / Freeplane translator.

I chose there softwares because:
- Freemind and Freeplane are free softwares
- Freemind and Freeplane are compatible and the maps are saved as XML format, that make work easy

Use it as a module or in command line.

It permit to:
- create branch with Python code.
- generate codes with branchs.
- create links to generate or import codes with single clic (new in 1.4 version).
- create espy programs (see Espy article).
- create HTML pages including javascript code, LaTeX (new in 1.8 version)
- create CSS files.

You can try it, (eventually adopt it): download it here.

If a Freemind/Freeplane to Python translator seems to be usefull for you too, leave a message.

See a little video tutorial here. (in french but understanding).

Creation date : 24/07/2010 @ 08:57
Last update : 26/01/2011 @ 02:48
Category : Python
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